TermRecord self-contained HTML Video!

Terminal session recorder that outputs self-contained HTML!

You can then email it to anyone to show them how to do something via command line.

They open it in a browser and it plays like movie.

Download it here https://github.com/theonewolf/TermRecord

or if you have pip installed use ” pip install TermRecord ”

usage: TermRecord [-h] [-b {script,ttyrec}] [-c COMMAND] [-d h w] [–json]

Stores terminal sessions into HTML.

optional arguments:
-h, –help            show this help message and exit
-b {script,ttyrec}, –backend {script,ttyrec}
use either script or ttyrec
-c COMMAND, –command COMMAND
run a command and quit
-d h w, –dimensions h w
dimensions of terminal
–json                output only JSON
–js                  output only JavaScript
file to use as HTML template
-o OUTPUT_FILE, –output-file OUTPUT_FILE
file to output HTML to
-s SCRIPT_FILE, –script-file SCRIPT_FILE
script file to parse
-t TIMING_FILE, –timing-file TIMING_FILE
timing file to parse


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